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Hi, My name is Mr. Douglas Teng!

I am currently studying a Master of Secondary Education at the University of Western Australia on a scholarship from the WA Department of Education.

I attended Wesley College on an academic and music scholarship and graduated in 2013 with an ATAR of 99.20 

 I tutor students from Year 5 to Year 12 in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics (ATAR Applications, Methods & Specialist)

  • English (ATAR English)

  • Science (ATAR Chemistry and Physics) 

I have personally tutored hundreds of students in person and thousands of students online to help them achieve success!

If you want to learn from someone who has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals and succeed in your education, then click the button below to send me a message.

I look forward to meeting you! 

Mr. Douglas Teng

How can I help your child succeed?

Your doctor can only treat you if you talk about your illness. In the same way, I can only help you once I know what you need help with and what your goals are. I always tell my students this:

It doesn't matter where you are right now. If you are willing to set your goals and learn, I will support you with 100% of my ability until you reach your goals.

Having worked with hundreds of students, here are the ways in which I support my students as an online tutor.

Help with homework and assignments

My students want someone to answer their questions and explain concepts that they find confusing.

Clarifying the content learned at school

Students love it when I go through a subject with them at their own pace and explain it well.

Test/Exam preparation

I help my students with understanding the content, study technique, managing stress, test taking technique and pointing out common questions and mistakes. 

Teaching ahead and extension

Some of my students want a tutor to help them cover content ahead of their class so that they are always prepared for the next topic.

Assistance outside of our sessions

For all my students, I provide full support even outside of our session times through e-mail!

Let's talk about how I can help your child succeed!

I'll get back to you within the day!


"Your teaching has reminded me that it's important to have critical thinking skills and that's because your quality of teaching is really high. All the advice, tips and the feedback you've given me on my essay and story have brought a ton of confidence back into me to pass the WACE exam and hopefully not have to do the STAT test! If you're struggling with English like I was (pretty badly) then come to Doug - his advice is spot on!"
Matthew Galanty, Year 12, Rossmoyne SHS
“I was having problems with doing well in maths and English, and I was looking for a tutor to improve my grades. Douglas has helped me a lot by first teaching me the fundamentals of each topic, and then extending me by giving me questions of a higher level than what we are learning in class. He has also taught me how to set out my timetable really well and how to study efficiently. My confidence in my work has increased immensely, and my marks have gone up a lot in this past semester. My stress has gone down since I’m more confident in my work and I no longer stress about handing in assignments and investigations. I’m so grateful for Douglas’ help, my grades have improved so much, and I’ve learned how to study efficiently so that I can achieve my personal best.”

Sophie McPhail, Year 11, Penrhos College

“Douglas has been a great help to my kids! He is reliable, professional and my kids always look forward to learning from him. All other parents should feel at ease because he really does have a passion and talent for helping his students succeed. Thanks for everything so far!”

Levi C., Parent

"I got a 15% increase on my mock exam mark over my first semester and finished 2nd overall in the cohort (behind Joel), and a lot of that was thanks to you!" 

Nicholas Martin, Year 12, Como Secondary College 

How I help my students

Here are a few examples of some of my students and my progress so far with them.

Sophie M., Year 11

Sophie is currently in Year 11 and has been one of my students for over a year now. We meet once per week for a two-hour session. During our sessions, we work on one of her subjects (maths specialist, maths methods, physics, chemistry or literature) depending on her upcoming assessments, what she would like help with or if she would like me to teach ahead on a topic. Sophie really appreciates the fact that I tutor such a wide variety of subjects as she only needs one tutor for all her subjects!

When I first started working with Sophie, she had a few issues with achieving her desired marks even though she worked very hard. My focus was on building her fundamental understanding of the content so that she could start to solve difficult problems by herself. Through my experience I was also able to provide her with common test questions and mistakes that students often made which really helped her to achieve her target marks.

On top of her studies, I also advise Sophie on other aspects such as study techniques, time management or coping with stress. Sophie is an absolute pleasure to teach and I love hearing great news about her achievements from her and her family!

Tina B., Year 6

I’ve been working with Tina for 2.5+ years and she is currently in Year 6. Tina is a bright student and my aim with her is to extend her understanding and knowledge. I want to provide her with a background of knowledge to prepare her for the content she will learn in high school. The Australian Curriculum is a "spiral curriculum" meaning that all new content builds upon the previous year's content. This enables me to extend her learning to concepts beyond her year level.

We work on maths, science and English together. For maths, I work with Tina on many different topics, but mostly on problem solving and reasoning questions. For English, we do a lot of writing, reading and comprehension practice. Tina has a passion for science, especially in astronomy and has dreams of working with NASA one day. I like to introduce her to scientific concepts beyond her year level but explain it in a way that she can understand. Our time together really helps her to deepen her passion for learning and prepares her for success in high school.

Janice L., Year 12

Janice was one of my past students and one of my biggest successes. I worked with her over the course of her final year in high school. Although she would occasionally ask for help on maths and chemistry, our focus was mainly on ATAR English as she was failing the subject and needed to pass it for entrance into university.

When I first met Janice, her ATAR English marks ranged between 30% to 50%. Her English ability was not the best and she had a poor understanding of the fundamentals of writing. She felt extremely frustrated because she didn't know how to improve her marks as she didn't understand her teacher and the feedback she received.


I worked with her consistently over the year and our sessions varied in style. I had to first change the way she thought about and approached the subject to improve her understanding. Then it was about improving her writing through a ton of practice, feedback and learning from model examples. I helped her with everything from analysing texts to writing essays to persuasive texts. 

Despite the slow start, Janice worked hard to implement my feedback and started to see improvements not long after. Often before she had an assessment, I would make time for extra sessions during the weekend to help her prepare, improving her confidence and reducing her stress. By the end, she managed to achieve a 70% for her mock exam essay, passing English and gaining entrance into her university course of choice!

Let's talk about how I can help your child succeed!

I'll get back to you within the day!

Any questions? Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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