Why Do Students Choose Us?

Since 2018, Serofox Tutoring has become an emerging name in the Perth tutoring scene because of one simple fact:


Unlike our competitors however, we don't focus solely on academic results. We pride ourselves on developing positive relationships with our students, building confidence and allowing our students to find their passion for learning. When students come to us, they don't just learn the same stale content delivered by a different person. They learn in a safe, supportive environment that engages them by showing them how they can apply their knowledge and how it relates to their everyday lives.

Education should be meaningful and purposeful which is why our focus will never be to produce A+ students off the "factory line" with all its consequences. Our focus is on personal improvement. Our students develop the skills to think critically, discover their passions and develop resilience to failures and stress. They discover how valuable their education is when they understand why they are learning and how it is applied in the world. This is what motivates them and drives our students towards improvement.

And that’s why it doesn’t matter where you are today; when you consistently strive for improvement, success is inevitable.

This is the tutoring service I wish I had access to when I was a student.

I am currently studying my Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Western Australia with a scholarship from the WA Department of Education. If you would like to learn more about Serofox Tutoring, please send me a message using the button below:

Meet Your Tutor

Mr. Douglas Teng

  • Master of Teaching (Secondary) (2019 - current)

    • Department of Education Mathematics and Physics Scholarship 

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineering) (Honours) with First Class Honours​ (2017)

    • Curtin Engineering Excellence Scholarship

  • Graduated from Wesley College, South Perth (2013)

    • Phillip Goatcher Academic Scholarship​

    • ES Craft Music Scholarship

  • 99+ ATAR​ Club

With a passion for quality education, Douglas has over 6 years of teaching and tutoring experience working with Western Australian students.

Any questions? Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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