Online Tutoring - How It Works


1. Send me a message about how I can help you!

"My child is in Year 9 and needs some support in English. We just got his results back and he's not very happy with how he went. We were thinking about working with a tutor to help him improve his results and confidence.
Could I give you a call sometime today to discuss this?"


2. Organise your first FREE trial session ($50 value)

"Well it sounds like I can definitely help your child improve his English skills! 
How about we first organise a free trial session to see if we're a good fit for each other? Then you can discuss with your child if you would like to continue!


3. Have fun on your first online tutoring session with me!

Scroll down to learn how to access It is free and easy!


4. Payment options are very flexible!

If you found the first session beneficial and you would like to continue, then we can start discussing payment!
Sessions start at $50 per hour depending on year level and what your child needs help with.
Choose to pay by the session, fortnight or term by bank transfer/EFT. An invoice will be sent to your designated e-mail containing all payment details after every payment period. Once payment is received, a receipt will be issued out to you!

Let's talk about how I can help your child succeed!

I'll get back to you within the day!

How to access our online sessions on BitPaper

Step 1

Click the link provided in your e-mail to The application will open up in your browser and works best on Google Chrome. The link is permanent and will look something like this:

Step 2

Create a free student account on You can simply type "" into your browser to get started now!

Step 3

Click the call button in the bottom left and join a call during your session time! That's're ready to start!


BitPaper is amazing as it allows me to video call and communicate with my students in an interactive environment. Students can work with each other and also draw/type in the whiteboard space themselves! Everything that is shared there can be seen and accessed by all other students.

My students can receive resources, files and even download the notes on the whiteboard as a PDF file all in one place!

Any questions? Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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