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6 OBVIOUS skills you learn at school that will make you RICH

Learn to focus

When you sit down to read, study or work, how long can you go before you start to lose your concentration and reach for your phone? If you don’t know, sit down and observe yourself. How long is it before you get distracted?

5 seconds?

1 minute?

30 minutes?

The longer you can focus, the more you will accomplish.

I have noticed that many students can barely write a sentence or two before they start to get distracted. It’s the same in the workplace – people can spend 8 hours at the office without completing an hour’s worth of actual work!

So when my students complain and say they don’t have time to do their work, I tell them: “You don’t have a time problem, you have a focus problem.”

Sit down and train yourself.

Learn to be disciplined

Discipline comes in two forms: Combating procrastination and keeping healthy.

Procrastination occurs when you don’t feel motivated or inspired to start doing what you know you should be doing. A disciplined person does not wait for motivation but has the mental will to work even when their mind is telling them “No! No! No!”

It is also important to get ample amounts of sleep, nutrition and exercise. So have the discipline to sleep early, eat healthy and get fresh air. It’s not that smarter and more hard-working people sleep more and eat well, it’s that sleeping well and eating well will make you smarter and work harder.

The science is out there, people just choose to ignore it.

If you’re interested in learning more – check out this book I read recently called Why We Sleep by neuroscientist and sleep scientist Dr. Matthew Walker.

Learn how to set goals

Goal setting is so important to progressing in life! Set realistic goals and work relentlessly to achieve them.

The majority of people never set goals and because of this, they just ride through life without actively trying to make their lives better.

Remember that only dead fish go with the flow.

When I first tried setting goals for myself, I was terrible at them. My goals were unrealistic, and I would only achieve a small percentage of them. Even so, achieving 20% of a goal is better than achieving 0%.

Remember, improvement comes in small packages that all adds up. When you look back on the goals you’ve crushed you will realise that you have achieved so much and you can feel pride instead of regret.

Taking responsibility

One of the hallmarks of respectable people is that they take responsibility for their actions.

I see so many high school students who blame others and the world all the time for their failures and mishaps.

“My teacher sucks.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I don’t care anyway.”

Instead of thinking of how they can improve by changing themselves, they set about trying to change the world.

Let me tell you something that you already know – you can’t change the world. However, you can change yourself, your habits and your mindset.

My most successful students are the ones who, even at their lowest, keep their head high and look for ways to improve as opposed to just coming up with excuses and giving up.


Only a minority of people read books.

Of those that read books, only a small minority choose to read challenging material that enriches their minds.

Of that small subset, an even smaller minority will use this knowledge and wisdom by applying it to their lives, writing and speech.

There is so much knowledge and wisdom in books if only you would pick one up and read it.

And I mean READ it. Don’t just look at the words and say “that was cool” and put it back down.

Think about these ideas for yourself and actually use the knowledge from these books to improve your life.

If you ever feel like you don’t have any opportunity to improve yourself or to educate yourself, head into your school or local library and start reading. If you read every book in your local library and really understood and applied your knowledge, you would be unstoppable.

Final note

Although it is easy to talk the talk, it’s always harder to walk the walk. I still struggle with procrastination too and I would bet that even the most successful people in the world forget these concepts.

However, that doesn’t mean you should give up. These skills will lead you to success and have been used for millennia by the great men and women in the world.

Remember, make small goals and keep improving. You’ll look back one day and realise why you didn’t do this earlier.

If you need help with any of these skills, let me know! I would love to help and share some of my experiences.

Stay curious,

Mr. Douglas Teng


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