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SEROFOX STORY #1: Meet one of our students!

Updated: Jan 16

Hey all,

My goal for the upcoming year is to invite you into my world as a teacher and tutor. For parents and even students, the tutoring process is a bit of a mystery. The idea is that you pay for a service and, an hour or two later, ta-da! You "supposedly" come out smarter, happier and more confident on the other side. Is it really that simple?

Hopefully by following along with these Serofox Stories, you may get an insight into what I do, how I do it and what exactly makes a student "successful". It's also an opportunity for me to connect with you so let me know about your opinions, ideas and any questions in the comments! If you enjoy reading these, please like, comment and share with your friends and family!

Without further ado, here is our first story...

I've been working with Sophie, a year 10 student from Penrhos college for a semester now. I first met Sophie with her parents to discuss why she wanted a tutor, her goals and specific issues in her subject. I'll let Sophie tell this part of the story:

"I was having problems with doing well in math and English, and I was looking for a tutor to improve my grades.

Douglas has helped me a lot by first teaching me the fundamentals of each topic, and then extending me by giving me questions of a higher level than what we are learning in class. He has also taught me how to set out my timetable really well and how to study efficiently.

My confidence in my work has increased immensely, and my marks have gone up a lot in this past semester. My stress has gone down since I’m more confident in my work and I no longer stress about handing in assignments and investigations.

I’m so grateful for Douglas’ help, my grades have improved so much and I've learned how to study efficiently so that i can achieve my personal best. " - Sophie M.

When I first worked with Sophie, I found it surprising that a student of her caliber (hardworking, intelligent and motivated) could be achieving low B's and C's in her core subjects.

This shifted my focus away from improving her fundamental skills, and I paid more attention to helping her organise her learning, assessing any misconceptions and maintaining healthy levels of stress. I often went through the content that she had learnt in school, explaining it using real life examples and online videos to supplement her learning by showing her the "bigger picture" which helped to kindle a genuine interest for her subjects and also developed important critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding.

This helped Sophie immensely, building her confidence, understanding and ultimately results. I still remember when her mum, Veronica, called me up to say that she had received the top mark in a physics test! Sophie was so proud that she had bested some of her peers that she deemed to be "smarter" than her!

Sophie's story is just another common example where students feel dissatisfied with their schooling. I always tell my student this: "It doesn't matter if you're failing miserably or acing everything. It doesn't matter if you think you are smart or stupid. I am here to help you achieve what you think you have the potential to achieve."

When Sophie came to me, she was dissatisfied with what she was achieving because she knew that she could do more, even if she didn't know how. For Sophie and students like her, it was my responsibility as a tutor to help her.

I'm looking forward to working with Sophie in 2020 as she steps into Year 11. Imagine how much better our world could become if we had more young, talented individuals like her leaving the education system with not just the marks, but the skills, work ethic and most importantly - the confidence to execute and contribute.

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