Terms and Conditions for Tutoring Services

The following terms and conditions apply to any tutoring agreements between the student (Client) and Serofox Tutoring (Tutor). By engaging with our services, you agree to the following:

Session Cancellation, Lateness and No-Show Policy

Any cancellations or no-shows will need be reported at least 48 hours before the time of the scheduled session or Client may still be responsible for payment of the session. If more than 48 hours of notice is provided by the client to cancel a session, the session may be rescheduled or refunded.

Clients who are not present at the pre-determined location when Tutor arrives or who are more than 15 minutes late are considered no-shows. If Client is a no-show, he or she is still responsible for payment of the tutoring session. 

Tutor will wait for at location for 15 minutes after the start of the session time. If Client is not there after 15 minutes, Tutor is no longer required to stay for the session. If Client is less than 15 minutes late, the session may only run to the scheduled finish time. Tutor reserves the right to not prolong any sessions as Tutor may have other session commitments. 

Tutor Cancellation Policy

Should Tutor need to cancel a session, Client may reschedule another session or a full refund for the session may be awarded. Tutor will try to notify Client at least 24 hours before the scheduled session if Tutor is not available.

Service Termination and Refunds

As a part of our refund guarantee policy, Client is entitled to a full monetary refund after the first session if they deem the service unhelpful. To be eligible for this refund, Client must only have attended one session and must return all materials back to Serofox Tutoring.

If Client wishes to engage with any of the services Serofox Tutoring provides after successfully receiving this full refund, they may be subject to an administrative fee of $150.

Serofox Tutoring reserves the right to deny services to any Client as long as it does not breach any anti-discrimination laws.

No Warranties

The Tutor makes no promises or warranties with regards to a Student's performance as a result of any tutoring provided. 

Students Less Than 18 Years of Age

Where the Student(s) is/are less than 18 years of age, the Parent/Guardian shall enter this tutoring contract on behalf of the Student and shall accept and agree to all the terms and conditions contained herein on behalf of the Student.

By using our services, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to employ Serofox Tutoring (Tutor) to provide home tutoring services under the terms detailed in this contract for the Student(s) mentioned above.

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